Cultural Enrichment

Cultural Enrichment
A fundamental building block of The Blazers is to assist each student in identifying their cultural connection with their ancestral roots. Appreciate where and how their cultural heritage is being sustained. Develop a historical prospective of cultural elements such as art dance literature, artifacts, foods, dress and other items. The Garifuna Museum is an integral part of our teaching props.

Cultural Education

The Blazers Cultural Enrichment

Field Study
Field studies represent a creative teaching method that takes students out of the familiar class environment and allows them to experience new things. These outings serve as a great opportunity to captivate students’ interests and expose them to new careers, cultures, and life experiences. The learning process comes full circle, these field studies become the avenue through which they learn by doing.

The Blazers Cultural enrichment 2

Garifuna Museum
The Blazers currently houses the Garifuna Museum which displays Garifuna artifacts, books, photos and any other valuable objects on display to the public. The museum is open to the public every Saturday from 11:00am – 3:00pm.
The Garifuna Museum of Los Angeles (GAMOLA) is the first and only one of its kind in the United States and Northern Hemisphere. Visitors can learn all about the unique heritage and culture of the Garifuna people: from their daily life activities to their art, medicine, religion and unique rituals. The essence of Garifuna life can be relived and imagined through its varied collections of artifacts, models, and art, currently housed in three separate galleries.


We partner with several organizations Like Venice Arts to offer scholarships and culturally enriching programs on and off The Blazers facility. To learn more about our partners, please visit their website:
Venice Arts: