Academic Reinvestment

Academic Reinvestment
Academic reinvestment is anchored in providing practical hands-on applications for developing life skills for quality life decisions. Personal and collective mentoring in the academic setting provides literacy enhancement with realistic exposures. Academic, social, cultural, economical, psychological, and community issues are discussed researched and analyzed. Personal Mentoring, Community Health, Environment and Technology are its core tenants.

Personal Mentoring

The Blazers Education

Educational Support and Intervention (K-12)
We provide academic support and enrichment programs and activities for youth, grades K-12, and their families. This program specializes in tutoring, development of life skills, and educating youth about their responsibilities as concerned and informed members of society.
Leadership Development (9-12)
We provide students, particularly High School Students in grades 9-12, with real world support and skills to assist with their continued growth and preparation for young adulthood. We take a one on one approach to help in the development of career aspirations, life skills, and leadership empowerment.

Community Health

Financial literacy
We provide the tools and resources for the development of economic and financial literacy. Basic finance principles are taught via tangible and relevant mediums. The Blazers instills skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. The keys to financial literacy are based around how to earn money, manage it, invest it.

The Blazers Community development
Community development
Community development takes a grassroots approach to redefining the way individuals think about creating and maintaining thriving and self-sustainable communities. Through programs, seminars, and projects, students learn the values of taking ownership and responsibility over their community. The focus is to enhance literacy in urban land use impacting policy making that addresses public parks, community gardens, transportation, and other quality of life enrichment developments. Resources are provided to educate students on the step-by-stop process of creating initiatives, writing grant proposals, petitions, and other organizing practices to build power and make change.

Environment and Technology

The Blazers gardening & animal care

Gardening / Animal Care
Our Gardening and Animal Care program aims to provide students the proper tools and resources to cultivate their own nutritional alternatives, and develop basic nurturing skills with animals. Students are given hands-on applications to tend to both gardens and farm animals that teach responsiblity and ownership over health, care, and community self-sustainability. The program is a response to a lack of access to healthy alternatives and a declining level of physical and phycological health in the community.

The Blazers technology
Multimedia Lab
We are in the golden age of technology. The Blazers Multimedia Lab gives our students access to computer, film, photography and editing equipment. These resources help facilitate the production of student blogs, reports, presentations and documentaries. The Multimedia Lab addresses the lack of access to current technologies and technical literacy. The aim is to educate on the importance of technological resourcefulness and develop the necessary skills for job placement and career advancement.