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The Blazers is celebrating 44 years of service and would like to include those who have contributed or participated in our program. We would like to offer you the opportunity to be a part of our Legacy Lane which will be a pathway of bricks tracing historical events of The Blazers organization from 1969 to Present. The 205 bricks symbolize the coming together of community, each telling the story of those who made The Blazers what it is today. Each brick is $50 will have 3 lines: Involvement Type, Benefactor Name, and Year(s) of Involvement. All proceeds will support The Blazers and are tax deductible.

Please completely fill out this form as it ensures we have up to date information for tax deduction receipts, future events, and other updates. To purchase your brick, you may process your payment either by check or credit card via our payment information at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your continued support of The Blazers!

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To purchase your brick, you may process your payment of $50 by CHECK or CREDIT CARD. If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact us at donate@theblazers.org. Thank you!


Make checks payable to: The Blazers

Mailing Address:
The Blazers
1517 W 48th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90062-2049


$50 Legacy Brick with options for additional donation.